Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dotted Swiss Regency Dress

I made a new dress!

I didn't quite finish it (as you can see by the super huge seam allowance visible through the sleeve, which still needs finishing, among other things) but it was definitely wearable, and I'm pretty happy with it! It's made of 100% cotton dotted swiss, hand sewn with cotton thread, and unlined for now, but I may add a plain cotton lining behind the waistband. I haven't decided on buttons yet either, so for now, it's being worn pinned closed. (Which is actually period correct, after all!) ;)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Changes for Felicity progress. . .

I recently decided the time has come to finally finish my "Changes for Felicity" ensemble! A couple of weeks ago, I picked it back up, and started in where I left off (which was at the point where I get to start assembling the silk layer!)

I'm making the tiniest, most perfect stitches of my whole life, so it's taking a bit of time, but I'm really enjoying it. My OCD self is feeling very indulged and content! ;)

It's really starting to look like a dress! I also already had the petticoat partially made, so I think once I get beyond the super tiny hand stitched bodice, the rest of it will really just fly together. . . And, after 22 years of dreaming of it, I'll finally have Felicity's blue dress in my size! :D