Monday, May 28, 2012

1840s Dress!

The sleeves of this dress have been an all-out fiasco, and I'm not entirely sure this is exactly the bodice I wanted. . . But in the interest of getting it done in time for Dress U - and because I have enough fabric to make a whole second bodice if I don't like this one - I'm plunging forward!

Bodice in progress

Friday, May 18, 2012

Starting the 1840s dress. . .

I've set aside the bonnet for now, so I can focus on the dress, and get it done in time for Dress U 2012! Here is my first draft of the bodice, and with the petticoats. (First time wearing the petticoats over a corset! Though, I'm still not wearing a chemise, and it's not the right corset. . . That is a project for a future date, when I have more time!)

First mock-up of the bodice

And a bit closer up, front and back:

First mock-up of the bodice, front  First mock-up of the bodice, back

Lizzy Bennett bonnet is begun!

I've finally got around to putting this pattern of mine to good use! I've got the brim almost completely done, and the "pouf" is all gathered and ready to be attached. Here is the brim:

More on the Regency Two-Piece. . .

Done except for hooks and eyes!

Bodiced Skirt, Front   Bodiced Skirt, Back

It looks pretty much the same as in the last pictures, I know. . . But I assure you, it's not! Between those sets of pictures, it went from sloppily pleated/gathered, to beautiful practically uniform 1/2" pleats!

Bodiced Skirt, close-up of pleats

Also, I've started patterning the top half of this two-piece ensemble. . .

First mock-up of jacket, back

It doesn't look right yet, but, this is the first draft! You can see where I've penciled in potential changes to wher the seams land. I'm currently letting this simmer while I contemplate what I want to do with it. . . And meanwhile, here is the front, which needs a TON of work, but still, it's a start!

First mock-up of jacket, front

First steps towards a 1910s ensemble. . .

I've been plugging away at making the "Armistice Blouse" by Folkwear (#210), and so far, it's great! Seams and markings line up, and everything is well explained. Love it! The only thing I don't love is that I can not find buttons to match my fabric! So for now, the center panel is just pinned in place. . .

Armistice blouse, sans sleeves

The sleeves are under way too. . . I did the little plackets for the openings, but still need to assemble and attach the cuffs. . . And then set the sleeves in to the blouse of course!

Sleeve plackets