Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The First 1840s Dress

Now that my petticoats are nearly done, it's finally time to start planning for dresses to go over them! To begin with, I'm going to make a simple dress with clean lines from some blue and white reproduction printed cotton I found locally at a great price in the spring. For the bonnet, I purchased some pale gray silk taffeta, and some blue silk taffeta ribbons. I suspect I will add more trimmings to the bonnet, but I'll wait until I have it together to decide what else it needs.

Fabrics for the Dress & Bonnet

Patterning the bonnet is already well under way. I have a few little tweaks to make to my pattern, and then I will be ready to cut into the buckram!

Mock-Up of the Bonnet


  1. How did I miss this, since I love this era. Your fabric is beautiful, and an excellent choice. You're using the TV 1845 one, right? I still want to make another one or two from the TV 1830s and try the 1845 one too. The problem is there aren't too many places to wear these years around here except the fashion shows.

  2. On my costume tour to England this spring, the Resource Centre at Bath is showing us accessories from this period! Still have room on the tour. Visit for details on Costume STudy tour with Joseph Hisey

  3. The 1840's are my very favorite fashion decade! Anxious to see how your dress turns out! I have only made Civil War era fashions (for people) and a few 1840's dresses for my one of a kind historically influenced dolls. I'd eventually love to make an 1840's gown for myself!
    Happy Holidays,
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