Wednesday, June 6, 2012

1840s Ensemble Finished!

Bodice #1 done! I managed to get sleeves that I really like, and actually, there are so few things I would end up changing about the bodice that I might not need to make a bodice #2 after all! And, skirt done as well. I did the bodice mostly by machine (except some hand finishing), but the skirt is entirely by hand. That is a LOT of cartridge pleating by hand! But, I just love the way it turned out. I can now live out the Jane Eyre fantasies I've had since I was little and first read Jane Eyre! ;)

Finished ensemble, front view Finished ensemble, back view

Finished ensemble, at piano

"You play A LITTLE, I see; like any other English school-girl; perhaps rather better than some, but not well."

Finished ensemble, tragically posed

Pining for Mr. Rochester on the moors! ;)


  1. It's gorgeous and I love how you worked with the stripes, that's not easy to do and most don't try to get this creative. I admire your creativity and your results are fabulous!

    I recently finished my own 1840's gown but as it is 'spotted' it's not creatively done. Rather plain in fact. But you have inspired me and next time I'm trying stripes too!

  2. This outfit was really pretty on you too!

  3. Beautiful dress and it looked so good on you at Dress U.

  4. Fabulous dress, you did a FANTASTIC job with the stripes one the front and at the armscye. Bravo !

  5. It's a lovely dress and perfect hair. Congratulations!
    I din´t know your blog, from now I follow it.
    Best regards from Spain.