Monday, December 31, 2012

This year, I got distracted from costuming by fun new things like making dolls, and also by a couple of "small business" ideas I have (one of them being launching a small line of historic underpinning patterns, the first of which I hope to publish before the end of January 2013) but I still managed to make some new things this year!


blue and white dress, corded petticoat (finished UFO)


corset, simple slip, dotted swiss blouse, pinstripe skirt, hat

18th Century

yellow jacket, cream mitts

I also had some projects that I started, but didn't quite finish. . . So I guess this is a good start of a "goals" list for 2013! ;)

brown spotty two-piece Regency dress, 18c stays, 18c apron, 18c Taylor bonnet, Regency Lizzy Bennett bonnet, man's Regency shirt

Some things, I only patterned, but never made up, either because I got busy working on other projects, or because they are for my future pattern line. . . I don't have a picture of these as a result, but they are:
- 1910s bra (download for free!)
- 1910s princess petticoat
- 18th century side hoops

All in all, a pretty good year! I'm really excited about some of my 2013 plans, but I won't be posting about those until tomorrow! Have a safe and happy New Year's Eve, everyone!


  1. Can I say I love love love your blue and white striped dress? I hate you. *batting eyelashes*

  2. ooh, your regency 2 peice dress. Its been in back of my mind making my (what i'm calling 'superscrimpers') regency dress. Basically I haven't got the money at the moment to splurge on fabric so I'm building a regency wardrobe by using up my fabric stash and scraps. So the story is I didn't have enough fabric to make bodice and dress. So I made the sleeveless dress that I'm then making a spencer to go with and when I have some spare dosh buing some matching fabric to make wrapover half dress.
    I look forward to seeing future inspirational posts.