Friday, June 3, 2011

Switching gears for a bit. . .

In light of some sleevil I am suffering on my Lizzy Bennett dress, I decided to switch gears and work on something that doesn't involve sleeves!

Right now, I am completely obsessed with the 1840s. I have fabric to start one dress that I am really excited about, and already have two more 1840s ensembles that I'd like to do after that!

So, my current project is going to be a flounced petticoat like the one you see in my sketch below. I've already got the base layer assembled, and am just starting making flounces. I'm sewing this one all by hand and even only this far in, I'm already questioning my sanity. . .


  1. What?! By hand? You really are crazy. ;P I'm going to make one too with that taffeta like stuff from Saftler's but I'm doing it on the machine for sure. And I had the brilliant idea to cord gather the flounces over hemp to help stiffen the whole thing! :)

  2. Ah! You're the one that infected me with CADD today. I remember reading this in the morning, and after doing yardwork, came upstairs to sew, and suddenly CADD struck. I pulled out my white and baby blue taffetas and tore up panels to make a ruffled petticoat to go with my La Belle Epoque gown. Now I know who to blame. ;)