Monday, November 17, 2014

King Richard's Faire 2014

I did indeed manage to squeeze in a visit to King Richard's Faire, just in time, during closing weekend. (I can't believe that was already a month ago!) The good news is, it was wonderfully warm. The other good news is, I got to make use of my new shift and accessories I'd been working on!

Finished 16c Faire ensemble

Finished 1560s - 1570s ensemble

I had been planning to just go on my own, but my husband was kind enough to offer to go with me, and I think even he ended up having a good time! We did archery, watched a few shows, and of course, had to see the joust. We selected where to sit at random, and ended up with a Scottish knight! This is so appropriate since I am Scottish, and had I been seated elsewhere, I'd probably have been cheering this knight anyhow. ;)

Scottish knight at King Richard's Faire in Carver

I was impressed that he was wearing a kilt with this armor!

Scottish knight wearing kilt at joust

That would have been the highlight of this year's Faire for me, but then. . . I met King Richard himself! SO AWESOME!!!

Jenni and King Richard at King Richard's Faire in Carver MA

So it was a perfect year at the Faire, and I can't wait for next year!


  1. Looking good, Jenni! Nice that you had company and a great time. :)


    1. Thank you! :) Next year, maybe I will plan further ahead and persuade some local costuming peeps to join me!

  2. Your outfit is stunning, and I love how your little purse picks up all the colors from your ensemble!